Problems Accountants Have With Bookkeepers


Problems accountants have with bookkeepers:

  • You waste time and money fixing mistakes made by inexperienced bookkeepers
  • Your reputation can be damaged because a bookkeeper you referred got it all wrong
  • You may have used a great bookkeeper who is now unable to take on new clients because their books are full
  • You may find yourself in the awkward situation where a client has a relative doing the bookkeeping, but they are doing a poor job
  • You may have considered bringing the bookkeeping in-house but it’s not your core business and you don’t have the time to manage it

At Bookkeeping & Consulting Services we are looking to establish a trusting, mutually beneficial relationship with proactive accountants.


We call it the “Preferred Bookkeeper Relationship”


We deeply appreciate the trust that is implied when you refer a valued client to us. So we work closely with you to ensure that your client is getting an impeccable bookkeeping solution and that you are getting the reports and outcomes that you need to best serve them. Because our use of the Pure Bookkeeping System delivers impeccable bookkeeping outcomes, we are confident that your client will be delighted and your reputation will be enhanced.

 Before they get to start on any client work we require suitable candidates to complete a Bookkeeping Skills Test. Sadly we find that many "bookkeepers" out there miss important information, don't know BAS basics or are not sufficiently familar with the software they use. Our use of the Pure Bookkeeping Skills Test ensures we only hire suitably qualified and experienced staff.

 We save you time and money by training your clients to get it right and then help ensure they stay on track. You will be able to spend less time on compliance work and more time on profitable value adding planning and development for your clients.

 For a meeting to discuss how Bookkeeping & Consulting Services can help your clients and make your life easier, please contact us today.