Get great bookkeeping training for your staff

Accountants spend up to 30% of their time fixing bookkeeping mistakes made by inexperienced and/or unqualified staff so what might be saved up front in low bookkeeping or admin rates may easily be lost later in higher accounting fees.

You’d probably prefer that your accountant used their specialised expertise to give you good advice to help you reach your goals.

Which is why Bookkeeping & Consulting Services offers cost effective on-site staff training and support. If you have a staff member who needs help with using a bookkeeping programme or assistance on how to complete regular bookkeeping tasks, we are here to help.

staff bookkeeping trainingAttending a software course for a couple of days doesn’t magically turn someone into a bookkeeper. To use the software effectively they must also understand the accounting principles involved. When it comes to accounting systems the oft quoted cliché, “garbage in = garbage out” is all too common.

We have six years’ formal training and more than ten years’ professional experience helping small businesses manage their day to day accounting and compliance needs. More relevant than classroom training we will get your staff up and going in your workplace. Each business is unique so we will show them the hows and explain the whys that are specific to your requirements. We will teach best bookkeeping practices to ensure that you get the results you need when you need them.

Rather than sending staff off site for a few days to a costly training course where they will rush through programme features and capabilities that they may never use we come to you to work in your environment to address your issues. We will take note of what your staff need to get their job done and as part of the package we will prepare a customised hand book that they can refer to whenever they need. And if there is anything they need additional clarification about they can simply call us for up to thirty days after and we will assist over the phone for no further charge.

If you have staff who need basic bookkeeping or accounting software training contact Bookkeeping & Consulting Services today for more information about our staff training solution.