Paperwork poisons the passion of many small business owners

Research shows that people love running their own business because they enjoy the satisfaction of creating something of value . . . for themselves, their families and their customers.

bookkeeping-servicesSmall business operators also value being in control. So what is the key to being in control?

Experts (and that includes business owners who have learned the hard way) say it is simple: no matter how passionate you are about your business, you cannot do it all by yourself. You need help.

This is especially true when it comes to record keeping.

Loving what you do is vitally important and supremely rewarding. Living on the knife-edge between control and chaos is another matter. Drowning in paperwork, losing track of your finances, feeling hounded by the regulatory authorities . . . these are the nightmares of the small business owner.

Play to your strengths, plug your weaknesses

bookkeeping-servicesThe best advice for anyone in small business is to stick to what you’re good at. That’s why you started. That’s what inspired you. That’s what is going to keep you in charge.

You need to make sure the stuff you’re not necessarily so good at or don’t have time to do is taken care of by someone with the right skills set . . . a competent, qualified bookkeeper using reliable and trusted systems and practices to maintain perfect records for your business.

And you don’t need to look any further for the best people to handle all your paperwork: Bookkeeping & Consulting Services.

Why Bookkeeping & Consulting Services is your best friend in business

A simple web search will reveal several reasons why hundreds of small businesses fail every year.

bookkeeping servicesRight at the top are:

  • poor recordkeeping
  • poor financial management
  • inability to manage costs

Good bookkeeping is at the foundation of business success. Sound bookkeeping practices:

  • Collect, organise and store essential financial information
  • Enable speedy access to information when it’s needed
  • Ensure financial information about a business is current and accurate

Without quality bookkeeping, most small businesses cannot survive, no matter how talented and enthusiastic their owners might be.

Delivering knowledge, compliance and the tools for planning

bookkeeping-servicesRecords of business transactions are not unwieldy stacks of paper, indecipherable spreadsheets or murky trail of historical documents. They are the lifeblood of a small business.

At Bookkeeping and Consulting Services, we capture these records so your business can:

  • pay its staff and suppliers on time and, most importantly, pay its owners
  • track income and expenditure
  • provide your accountant with clear and accurate data
  • meet its GST, other tax and regulatory requirements
  • undertake informed planning for the future

Knowledge is power. Timely, accurate financial records provide such knowledge. Armed with reliable performance information, a small business owner gains the power to be in control of their own destiny. And isn’t this exactly what you wanted when you started out?