fastlaneWe live in exciting times. The world is getting smaller and technology is giving us more and more new opportunities. What happened last year is ancient history. What happened last month happened last month. Even last week is a fading memory.

To make the best decisions you need to know what is happening right now.

Introducing FASTLANE – an exciting new service offering from Bookkeeping & Consulting Services.

FASTLANE is for business owners who want to know what is  happening in their business right now.


Here is how FASTLANE works:

cloud-accountingAs we move towards a paperless society many of your accounting and business documents are already being delivered electronically. Simply on forward them to our secure server. For the rest, scan and send. We take care of the rest.

Within 48 hours your cloud based accounting package will be updated with the information you have sent and you will have up to date accounts information at your fingertips –  available anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Not next quarter, not next month but in just 48 hours!

FASTLANE is not for everyone and conditions apply. But if you want up to date accounting information available at anytime from anywhere call our Fastlane Accounts hotline on 0412 980 455 or click here to get started