The Pure Bookkeeping System


Bookkeeping & Consulting Services is an Accredited Licensee for the Pure Bookkeeping System. The Pure Bookkeeping System has been developed and proven in Australia and is now expanding around the world.

The Pure Bookkeeping System has been designed to deliver impeccable bookkeeping outcomes, removing confusion, fear and uncertainty to deliver clarity, freedom and control.


Why we use the Pure Bookkeeping System


If you take ten bookkeepers and ask them how they do their work, chances are they will provide ten different answers. Our use of the Pure Bookkeeping System ensures that whoever does the work, it will be done the same way and deliver the same outcome, EVERY time.


How it works


We follow a series of checklists to ensure that everything gets done and then gets checked. It's not just about throwing data into a computer, anyone can do that. Instead it's about knowing where to properly post that data and knowing what to look at to make sure it is right. Accountants say they spend 25-30% of their time fixing bookkeeping mistakes. You'd probably prefer they spent that time providing you with their valuable advice and helping you to reach your goals.